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Disposable Cutlery
Plates, Knives & Forks 60c per head.
Bowls & Spoons 40c per head.
Real Crockery - $3.95 per guest

Extra Buffet Dishes
Sweet & Sour Pork $1.50 Per Guest
Curried Prawns $1.50 Per Guest
Curried Chicken $1.50 Per Guest
Beef Stroganoff $1.50 Per Guest.

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private christmas party catering

Christmas Party Catering offers:

  • Well priced quality catering to suit any private christmas or end of year party or function

  • Menu flexibility, from buffets, spit roasts and barbecues right through to finger and cocktail foods - something to suit every occasion and taste.

  • Staff for all events - bar staff, chefs and waiters available

  • Quality, peace of mind and affordability

  • Last minute catering specialists... its almost never too late.

Menu For Private Parties And Functions

A. Beef and Chicken Party
B. Beef, Lamb & Pork Party
C. Small Parties
D. All You Can Eat BBQ Party
E. Beef / Pork Smorgasboard
F. The Works
G. Deluxe Surf & Turf Buffet

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Fresh Salads & Vegetables
Delicious Deserts

private catering for christmas parties
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